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White house markets is definatly one of the best our there as of right now in 2020.

They launched about a year ago, providing trust for their customers and a really nice panel to buy and sell.

[u][b]Official links:[/b][/u]


[u][b]White House Market Products[/b][/u]

The products on a Darknet Market either make, or break it. Well here’s a graph we created to get you an idea of what’s available on the marketplace as of today:

The current total listings amount to 601 products. We’ve been monitoring the marketplace for over 48 hours now. And we did notice a growth of nearly 100 individual listings in the time-frame which is pretty impressive.

The Drugs category has as many as 478 listings and is the most product-rich category. However what was a bit of a shock is that it even allows “Fentanyl” which is banned on almost all the other marketplaces in the industry.

“Fraud Related” goods are the second most heavily-stocked products on the marketplace. Consist primarily of digital items in the “financial” sphere. For e.g. Card details, login details, bank details etc.

Services let’s users buy Hacking services, custom-made fake documents, fake documents etc.

And then there are forgeries and counterfeit products which can be ordered. If you can’t afford a Rolex, or need that luxury jewellery brand without the price tag, WHM claims to offer exactly that.

These categories aren’t absolute and the marketplace does seem open to add other categories if enough products are available.

[u][b]White House Market Security[/b][/u]

Darknet Markets face dual-threats, first from law enforcement agencies, and secondly from its own users who may try to scam each other. Then obviously there are the Phishing attacks, DDoS attacks and so on.

White House Market has a failsafe for almost each of the most common security threats which may arise.

[u][b]Anti-Phishing Measure[/b][/u]

While White House Market lacks an “anti-phishing message” which some marketplaces may employ, it has its own version of the same.

On its homepage, it provides its Public PGP key and other data associated with it to avoid it being duplicated.

Then it provides a PGP-signed message, which is updated every 72 hours. The message includes the legit White House Market links.

The encrypted message also includes a number of most recent global news headlines to prove it indeed was updated recently, and isn’t an older message.

[b][u]Mandatory 2-FA and PGP[/u][/b]

The marketplace has a mandatory PGP requirement. It can only be used after every user sets up PGP key for their profile.

It doesn’t allow the products to be browsed, no orders can be placed either without PGP.

Enabling the PGP automatically enables 2-FA for a user profile. Although additionally, it also doesn’t allow plaintext (unencrypted) communication on the platform.

In other words while placing orders, communicating with vendors or anyone else on the marketplace, the messages have to be PGP encrypted.

Additionally, it requires all withdrawal requests to be PGP-signed. This makes sure that even when a user’s password as well as 2-FA is somehow compromised, unless the hacker has access to the private PGP keys, no withdrawals are possible.

[u][b]Anti DDoS Protection -Personal Domains.[/b][/u]

DDoS attacks are domain and server specific. So White House Market solves it by providing unique, personal marketplace domains to high-volume buyers and sellers.

This is the only marketplace in the industry which offers this. It ensures that even when the primary domain is under attack, the personal domains can still be accessed granting access to the marketplace.

[u][b]Bug Bounty Program[/b][/u]

Another security feature which is unique with White House Market is its Bug Bounty Program.

The marketplace claims to have written its entire code from scratch. That opens it to some potential loopholes and security flaws which may have remained on the site.

Hence it offers compensation (probably financial) to security researchers and pentesters who can find and report such bugs.

[b][u]Escrow and User Profile Statistics[/u][/b]

There obviously is the Escrow which protects the users from each other. In other words, neither the buyer nor the seller can get away without fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Once a trade is initiated, funds from the buyer are stored in the marketplace escrow which are sent to the vendor only once they deliver their product.

Additionally, the marketplace shows detailed statistics about each user profile on the platform. This helps a vendor judge a buyer better, and vice-versa.

Primarily the “% of positive/negative” reviews is what helps one get an idea of the creditability, authenticity and seriousness of the user on the other end.

[u][b]No Logs Policy[/b][/u]

The marketplace doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever permanently. All identifiable information is obviously End-to-End encrypted, although the data which is kept (order details, messages etc). is deleted after a successful trade.

It even asks users to blue out confidential information even when contacting support for disputes which further speaks for their anonymity and security precautions.

[u][b]Selling Products on White House Market[/b][/u]

The marketplace wasn’t made only for buyers. It seems to encourage users to vend on the marketplace by offering them a free vendor account.

It charges a fee of 5% on all sales. Vendors aren’t allowed to get involved in the trade of the following goods:

Killing services
Weapons (mass destruction, as well as non-lethal)
Child Porn
Terrorism sponsoring goods

[b][u]Payment Method, Wallet and Shipping[/u][/b]

Payment on the marketplace can be made only using Monero. The marketplace doesn’t trust Bitcoin to be private.

Every user account is provided with a wallet which is where users need to deposit funds. These funds can then be used to purchase products on the marketplace. For security reasons, each wallet address is only valid for one transaction.

Any amount of funds can be deposited without any minimum limits being applicable. As for shipping, there does seem to be an extra shipping cost on all physical items.

The platform however doesn’t seem to support multiple shipping options for now, so there’s just one shipping method which can be used.


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